Saturday, May 5, 2012

Supporting my friend Christiaan Pasquale in his endeavors, and a special deal for you

If any bands needs a hell of a deal for shooting a music video, my old friend Christiaan Pasquale of The Slanderin has a production company that will shoot, edit and put the video on Youtube for around $300. I can then put the video on disk for you. So hit him up and spread the word! Also, proceeds he makes from doing videos,etc. will be going towards finishing the documentary.He is also looking for donations to help finish his documentary, so if you would limke to donate to help Christiaan get this finished and out to the public, you can do it here: . If you can't make a donation, thanks for watching and just help by spreading the word!!


 Reblogged from Allen over at Lady Hump. Please read and keep a look out!!

Lady Hump: DUANE BALLARD ~ ROBBED IN CENTRAL CAL. ~ EVERYONE ...: I don't have all the details but let's get this info out there a.s.a.p. and help catch the criminal(s) (shit bags that did this)! ~ Allen ...

Monday, April 30, 2012

I can't believe someone is that stupid A.K.A.: Putting the wreckless in Young & Wreckless

The Hells Angels are going to war with MTV ... and one of the network's biggest stars ... who allegedly STOLE the motorcycle club's famous death head logo and plastered it on t-shirts. The man at the center of the controversy is "Fantasy Factory" star Rob Dyrdek ... whose company owns the "Young & Reckless" clothing label ... created by his cousin Chris "Drama" Pfaff. The Hells Angels are suing Rob's company and MTV -- claiming Y&R designed and sold a bunch of t-shirts that "bear a design confusingly similar to the [flaming skull logo]" ... and they never asked for permission. In the suit, filed in federal court in California, HA claims the logo has great commercial value ... because of its "very widespread public recognition" which evokes "strong and immediate reactions whenever used." The Angels claim Dyrdek's actions have caused "substantial damage" to the biker club ... and believe MTV violated their rights by broadcasting the stolen logos on "Fantasy Factory." The Angels are seeking unspecified damages. Calls to MTV and Rob Dyrdek have not been returned.
Lawsuit Details RFC Case Number: T-H12-1096Y Court Case Number: 2:12-cv-01096-WBS-KJN File Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Plaintiff: Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation Plaintiff Counsel: Fritz Clapp Attorney at Law Defendant: Young & Reckless LLC Dyrdek Enterprises Dickhouse Entertainment, Inc. MTV Networks Enterprises Inc. Cause: 15:44 Trademark Infringement Court: California Eastern District Court Judge: Judge William B. Shubb Referred To: Magistrate Judge Kendall J. Newman Notes: Docket Text This may not be the most complete up-to-date docket information. For daily updates on this case, sign-up for a Lawsuit Tracker. See the box on the right side of this page for details on the Lawsuit Tracker Date # Docket Text 4/25/2012 6 SUMMONS ISSUED as to *Dickhouse Entertainment, Inc., Dyrdek Enterprises, MTV Networks Enterprises Inc., Young & Reckless LLC* with answer to complaint due within *21* days. Attorney *Fritz Clapp* *PO Box 3403458* *Sacramento, CA 95834-0458*. (Meuleman, A) (Entered: 04/25/2012) 4/25/2012 5 TRADEMARK NEW CASE DOCUMENTS ISSUED as to Trademark #1:* 3,666,916 * * 08/11/09 * * Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation * ; (Meuleman, A) (Entered: 04/25/2012) 4/25/2012 4 TRADEMARK NEW CASE DOCUMENTS ISSUED as to Trademark #1:* 1,301,050 * * 10/16/1984 * * Hells Angels Motocycle Corporation * Trademark #2:* 1,136,494 * * 05/27/1980 * * Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation * Trademark #3:* 2,588,116 * * 07/02/2002 * * Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation * Trademark #4:* 3,311,549 * * 10/16/2007 * * Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation * Trademark #5:* 3,311,550 * * 10/16/07 * * Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation *; Initial Scheduling Conference set for 9/4/2012 at 02:00 PM in Courtroom 5 (WBS) before Judge William B. Shubb. (Attachments: # 1 Consent Form, # 2 Trademark Report, # 3 VDRP Form) (Meuleman, A) (Entered: 04/25/2012) 4/25/2012 2 CIVIL COVER SHEET by Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (Clapp, Fritz) (Entered: 04/25/2012) 4/25/2012 1 COMPLAINT for Trademark Infringement, Unfair Competition and Dilution against All Defendants by Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation. (Attachments: # 1Exhibits A, B and C)(Clapp, Fritz) Modified on 4/25/2012 (Meuleman, A). (Entered: 04/25/2012) 4/25/2012 RECEIPT number #CAE200043970 $350.00 fbo Hells Angels Motorcycle Corp by Fritz Clapp on 4/25/2012. (Meuleman, A) (Entered: 04/25/2012)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Jaded Fate Skinworks in Fort Wayne, Indiana

I guess the tattoo bug runs in the family. My second cousin(My mom's cousin) Kris Lambright has got some talent. As owner/main artist of Jaded Fate Skinworks in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he doing work. This most recent coverup he did caught my eye in a big way... Before and after
So if you're ever out in Fort Wayne, Indiana, give Kris Lambright a call at Jaded Fate Skinworks (260)755-2563 or check him and the shop out of book of faces

Monday, April 2, 2012

Slumlord Blues

So, depression setting in because I can't di shit with the Ironhead right now and I almost OD'd on my pain meds (Norco10's), so now I can't take those. Oh and my splint the doctor put me in is loose now and my knuckle may have dropped again out of it's setting, so most likely going to have surgery. I'll find out tomorrow. My landlord basically made accusations that I may have done this at my work, and I'm trying to pin it on him. He says this because. and I quote " He waited 5 days to call and tell me". I don't know where the fuck he comes up with this shit. Let's see, I don't work Sundays, and I happened to be picking up my bike from Atom, which turned in to an all day thing. Monday afternoon, around 3:15 PM, tripped on faulty step in my garage that my landlord was informed about over a year ago,spend the next 20 minutes waiting for a ride to the hospital, but during the wait, had the sense of mind to take picture of said step that caused the fall:

Spent my day from about 4:15 PM until about 9:25 at ARMC seeing the doctor and getting treated, then head to work in a medicated haze where I was until 2:45 AM until I went home and went to bed. Tuesday spent all day in a medicated sleep until I had to go to work, so I didn't call him. Wednesday got to spend one of the few days I get to see my wife and step son so we went to Disneyland as a family, still in a medicated daze, didn't get home until 1 AM, went to bed. Thursday I called my landlord to come get part of the rent and left him a message telling him that I had some of the money for him and that we needed to talk (The only way he'll even answer his phone is if it's to pick up the rent). So, two days between hospital visit and when I called him. 3 days from the actual incident at most, which is still not 5 days.

So, when he comes by to pick up the money, I tell him what happened expecting him to be concerned, but nope. He said I never told him about the step, then proceeded to tell me that we still owe 400 in rent for the month. He took the wood step that caused me to fall with him.Conversation was over at that point.
So, most recent conversation, he's saying his home owner's insurance doesn't cover it (He hasn't even bothered to call them) said I should apply for MediCal, is trying to get us to sign some new lease and saying he'd forget about the 400 we are behind on rent if we sign it (Not going to happen), said I either probably hurt my hand at work or tripped over debris in the garage (There is nothing near the step to trip over besides the step itself), and isn't being cooperative in giving his homeowners insurance info to me. Basically he's giving me the "Sorry for your luck treatment". Well, he's coming by Saturday, so now I'm pissed and done fucking around. If he doesn't give me his homeowner's insurance info, I'm getting a lawyer and suing him directly, including for back rent for the time he's had the list of repairs that needed to be done that we gave him over two years ago that he's never made.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Looks like I'll be having a conversation with my landlord

Broke my fifth metacarpal in my right hand at the neck and rolled the knuckle portion under the metacarpal today thanks to negligence by my landlord to make repairs to the step that leads from my kitchen to my garage. I'll be having a talk with him tomorrow

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The antii-Hipster movement is a go! Show your support!!

The movement has started! If you're interested,my buddy Tim is selling these hats for $15 shipped. Support the anti-Hipster movement. Hit him up so you can order one at , and when you do, tell him Hooligan80 from Chop Cult sent you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This shit is pure brilliance! And I'm using this to make an announcement!

So, first things first, I just bought my first self bought Harley of Atom from Beer Breed. A 1980 running and riding Ironhead XLS. Fucking stoked!

Now on to the brilliant shit:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some updates...

Well, my internet was down for a little bit, so here's a few updates. Bought my wife a running project bike for her to learn on. Swooped up this cool little 1964 Bridgestone BS90 for a song and a dance. Now I have to teach her how to ride.

I have also put my truck up for sale:
1966 F100 (Clean title):
300 straight six, runs and drives but leaks oil (Have new complete Fel-Pro motor gasket kit and oil pan gasket and new chrome valve cover)
Cruiseomatic 3 speed auto trans (Shift linkage needs adjustment, but does shift in to all gears and park)
Came without keys and starts on a toggle switch and push button, but I have bought new locks and ignition cylinder and ignition with with keys and a new ignition bezel
Just replace passenger side wing window glass, but still needs channel lining
Have new tires for it (235/75/R15 Goodyear Wrangler tires, set of 4)
Bought two stock steel wheels for the rear so all the steel wheels will match (Was going to media blast and powder coat wheels before mounting new tires)
It seems everything on this truck works except for the horn (Needs turn signal arm for the signals, but I pushed the hazard switch and the signal lights blink)
I drove it from Big Bear to Redlands, then to my house without issues (About 63 miles)
Clean title and is registered until September of this year
Under 50K original miles
Have a new steering rag joint for it (Needs to be installed)
Has small dings, and only one dent (Passenger side front fender near head light)
Only rust I have found is the size of a quarter on the floor right under the gas pedal.
Yes it runs, but the carb has a sticky float so it's a little tricky to start at first, but if you use the manual choke, it will start. Once it warms up, it runs and idles fine.
The only reason it's not drivable right now is because of the old tires that are still on it. So it will need to be towed. Like I said though, I have a brand new set of Goodyear Wranglers that go with it. The title is clear and the tags are good until September. This is a project truck, so don't expect a pretty truck for $1200 (That means it needs some work, if it didn't I'd either keep it or sell it for a lot more). Only reason I'm selling it is I need to get a motorcycle (No, I don't want to trade for a scooter or anything else, unless you want to trade me twelve $100 bills for it).
Here's some specs on the truck
129" wheel base, conventional cab, G.V.W. 5000, original color code was M for Wimbledon White, but it has an old Orange weathered spray job some time in the past, Built at the San Jose, CA assembly plant October of 1965, Cruisomatic 3 speed auto trans, 3.50 rear axle according to code, standard cab bench seat

$1200 for a running, registered truck that could be drivable if you mount and balance new tires on the rims (New tires included). Can't beat that.
Have a N.O.S. Cherrybomb muffler that I was going to put on. This is a running and driving classic project with a clean title

You can reach me at nine zero nine 553- zero4zero6, my name is Matt.








Saturday, March 3, 2012

So my birthday came and passed, and now I'm 32, but this birthday was great. My wife and I headed out to Huntington Beach on the 29th to celebrate both of our birthdays. We started off walking the shops on Main St. down by the pier. Electric Chair is always a great stop, picked up a Lucky 13 jacket and shirt, and a sterling silver razorblade necklace for the wife, then we headed over to this hat shop ran by the artist Mantooth. Then we hit BJ's Pizza & Grill, (phone number 714/374-2224) on Main St. for dinner. If you haven't eaten there, I recommend you stop in. Huge servings of everything. We ordered their Best Beginnings sampler (Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Mozzarella Sticks,
Avocado Egg Rolls and Santa Fe Spring Rolls.), then we ordered their Great White deep dish pizza (Rich and creamy Alfredo sauce with mushrooms, garlic, seasoned tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken breast on a garlic bread style crust). AMAZING! The, because my wife mentioned it was my birthday, I got a free Pizookie (Basically a fresh made cookie topped with a couple of scoops of ice cream) which was also amazing. Then we headed out to go walk the pier. We then headed back over to Main St. to IHOP to get some hot chocolate. After that we headed over to this awesome bar called 2nd Floor, which is like a tattoo art gallery as well as a pretty badass bar. We got to see a sort of improve three piece band play which consisted of a cello player, a violinist, and an acoustic guitar player. They sounded beautiful and I watched as my wife lost herself in the music. Then, I surprised her with a single long stem rose. This was a perfect night with the perfect woman. Best birthday yet.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney who?!

Fuck Whitney Houston and the white horse she rode out on. She doesn't deserve to have the flag flown half mast for her, she doesn't deserve a hero's funeral. The only people that deserve that kind of funeral are people who give their lives to protect and serve this country. America, get your fucking priorities straight.

TWO WHEEL SUICIDE: Sportsters Forever!!!

Reposted from my boy Mike's blog. Beanhead doing work on his Sporty. Gawd damn I need a Sportster

TWO WHEEL SUICIDE: Sportsters Forever!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today marks 3 years since I lost a good friend who was like a little brother

Today marks the anniversary of the untimely passing of one of my greatest friends Johnny Thomas Aragon. I remember getting the call at 7 AM that you were gone. I was devastated. I was devastated even more when I found out how you went, because it could have been prevented. You left us too young, too soon, without warning. I remember a few days prior to your passing that we were talking about getting our Cadillacs on the road so we could go cruise (Your '68 and my '63). I remember we talked about hanging out that week in down town. Fuck man, I wish I could have been there with you to stop you from getting in your car to drive home that night. I never knew you had a problem, because if I did, I would have intervened. I would have stopped it and you would still be here. Man, I wish you were still here. I wish you were still here to see your little brother. He's a good kid Johnny. I see a lot of you in him. I see your don't take shit attitude in him. I see your kindness and sense of humor in him. Man, I wish you could be here so we could all hang out. One day, we all will, but hopefully it will be later than sooner, because I want to see your kid brother have a family. I'm doing my best to watch out for him man. I made that promise, and I'll continue to keep it to the best of my ability. I miss you brother, we all miss you. Love you buddy..


Monday, February 13, 2012

So, you think your religion is right and just?

I have been an advocate for many years now to get people away from organized religion and to start thinking for themselves. It's funny,because I have had conversations with many people in the fact that you don't need God or religion to have strong morals and standards. I mean,take me for example,I'm a LaVeyan Satanist,and very open about it,and people that have no clue automatically condemn me as a devil worshiper and ask stupid questions like "Do you sacrifice people or animals?". Idiots,all of the sheeple,bred to think that anyone that doesn't follow their beliefs is a sinner and is horrible. But,I digress and get back to my point. I'm not Christian,or Catholic,or any of these religions that believe in a deity or "Godhead":God for short.

But,yet,I somehow maintain strong morals. I will never harm a child or woman,I do not drink or do drugs,I don't steal,lie or cheat people,and I work and help my family as much as possible. I tell my mom and my brother every day that I love them. I listen to all kinds of music,including metal. I don't need a God or religion to tell me the difference between right and wrong,because I know the difference,I was raised to know the difference,and I was brought up with a strong belief in common decency and respect. I'm not saying I'm perfect,because I did screw up when I was younger (I experimented with drugs as a teenager,but got myself clean without anyone's help),and I did get in to a bit of trouble,but that all stopped too,and I did it all without religion. I never blamed it on music,or the devil,or anything absurd like that. I blamed me getting in trouble to my own stupidity at the time and not thinking of the consequences. Not everything was my fault though,sometimes I had to step up and handle "situations",but that's neither here nor there for my point.

My point is,sit back and imagine a world without religion for a moment. A world where no one's better than anyone and no one's Godhead is better than anyone else's. A world where people aren't hated for what they believe in. There would be no such things as Muslims,Jews,Christians,Catholics,Atheists,Agnostics,Buddhists,Satanists,Taoists,Seventh Day Adventists,Mormons,Wiccans,etc. There would only be people. No reason to argue or fight over beliefs. There would have never been any Holy Crusades,or a Holocaust,or Middle Eastern Wars,or Civil Wars. You're reason to dislike someone would be based on how they treated you without a book of some beliefs telling them what they shouldn't like about you.

Do you all see what I'm getting at? It's not the music,or the shows,or the video games or the devil that makes people do bad things. The major causes for the problems like war and murder and theft and everything else can be blamed on two things: Lack of a proper upbringing and blind faith in religion. Parents,get off your asses and step in to tell your kids if they are doing something wrong. Punish them within the limits of the law if they screw up,and stop kicking them out pon the streets to become our problem to deal with. Stop relying on religion to take care of everything and get off your ass,get motivated,grab life by the balls and do something productive like raise your kids right,work,and treat each other with respect no matter what your religious belief is.

By the way,anyone that thinks I'm just a jerk spouting off,take a look at this site,and see what so called "Good Christians" are quite capable of. Click the link below

By the way,the best quote I have ever heard : "Why is there enough religion to incite war but not enough religion to instill tolerance"- Thorin

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today is my wife's birthday!

Today my wife turns 25, and we're gonna party it up. She's amazing and supportive of my motorcycle, classic vehicle, and tattoo habits. I love her to no end, and tonight we're gonna have a blast!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So I figured it's about time I start this shit..

Well, I formed this blog a few months ago, then just let it sit. Why? Because I had no idea what the fuck to post. Well, now's a good of time as any with tomorrow being my wife's 25th birthday and the end of the month bringing number 32 for me. Funny, I never though I live this long, growing up where and how I did. Long fucking trip, lot's of stories. If I ever run in to any of you that view this, I'd be willing to share some of those stories with you, because some are unbelievable even though they all really happened. Fuck, sometimes I don't even believe them myself when I'm telling them, but I always have something to remind me of them, whether it be a scar, picture, friend who was there, or a tattoo, or some weird shit. Either way, I have a lot of stories to tell, and this will be the place to document some of them, also it will be a place to post shit I like, and sometimes post shit I hate. Either way, it will be entertaining. So, let the festivities begin with a few songs that best describes me and the people I know.