Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So I figured it's about time I start this shit..

Well, I formed this blog a few months ago, then just let it sit. Why? Because I had no idea what the fuck to post. Well, now's a good of time as any with tomorrow being my wife's 25th birthday and the end of the month bringing number 32 for me. Funny, I never though I live this long, growing up where and how I did. Long fucking trip, lot's of stories. If I ever run in to any of you that view this, I'd be willing to share some of those stories with you, because some are unbelievable even though they all really happened. Fuck, sometimes I don't even believe them myself when I'm telling them, but I always have something to remind me of them, whether it be a scar, picture, friend who was there, or a tattoo, or some weird shit. Either way, I have a lot of stories to tell, and this will be the place to document some of them, also it will be a place to post shit I like, and sometimes post shit I hate. Either way, it will be entertaining. So, let the festivities begin with a few songs that best describes me and the people I know.


  1. You could've started off with some naked broads, but Blood for Blood is always cool too. Welcome to the faggy world of blogging.


  2. Well fuck, as much as I write on forums, figure I might as well make an outlet for some of the shit I write