Monday, April 2, 2012

Slumlord Blues

So, depression setting in because I can't di shit with the Ironhead right now and I almost OD'd on my pain meds (Norco10's), so now I can't take those. Oh and my splint the doctor put me in is loose now and my knuckle may have dropped again out of it's setting, so most likely going to have surgery. I'll find out tomorrow. My landlord basically made accusations that I may have done this at my work, and I'm trying to pin it on him. He says this because. and I quote " He waited 5 days to call and tell me". I don't know where the fuck he comes up with this shit. Let's see, I don't work Sundays, and I happened to be picking up my bike from Atom, which turned in to an all day thing. Monday afternoon, around 3:15 PM, tripped on faulty step in my garage that my landlord was informed about over a year ago,spend the next 20 minutes waiting for a ride to the hospital, but during the wait, had the sense of mind to take picture of said step that caused the fall:

Spent my day from about 4:15 PM until about 9:25 at ARMC seeing the doctor and getting treated, then head to work in a medicated haze where I was until 2:45 AM until I went home and went to bed. Tuesday spent all day in a medicated sleep until I had to go to work, so I didn't call him. Wednesday got to spend one of the few days I get to see my wife and step son so we went to Disneyland as a family, still in a medicated daze, didn't get home until 1 AM, went to bed. Thursday I called my landlord to come get part of the rent and left him a message telling him that I had some of the money for him and that we needed to talk (The only way he'll even answer his phone is if it's to pick up the rent). So, two days between hospital visit and when I called him. 3 days from the actual incident at most, which is still not 5 days.

So, when he comes by to pick up the money, I tell him what happened expecting him to be concerned, but nope. He said I never told him about the step, then proceeded to tell me that we still owe 400 in rent for the month. He took the wood step that caused me to fall with him.Conversation was over at that point.
So, most recent conversation, he's saying his home owner's insurance doesn't cover it (He hasn't even bothered to call them) said I should apply for MediCal, is trying to get us to sign some new lease and saying he'd forget about the 400 we are behind on rent if we sign it (Not going to happen), said I either probably hurt my hand at work or tripped over debris in the garage (There is nothing near the step to trip over besides the step itself), and isn't being cooperative in giving his homeowners insurance info to me. Basically he's giving me the "Sorry for your luck treatment". Well, he's coming by Saturday, so now I'm pissed and done fucking around. If he doesn't give me his homeowner's insurance info, I'm getting a lawyer and suing him directly, including for back rent for the time he's had the list of repairs that needed to be done that we gave him over two years ago that he's never made.

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