Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today marks 3 years since I lost a good friend who was like a little brother

Today marks the anniversary of the untimely passing of one of my greatest friends Johnny Thomas Aragon. I remember getting the call at 7 AM that you were gone. I was devastated. I was devastated even more when I found out how you went, because it could have been prevented. You left us too young, too soon, without warning. I remember a few days prior to your passing that we were talking about getting our Cadillacs on the road so we could go cruise (Your '68 and my '63). I remember we talked about hanging out that week in down town. Fuck man, I wish I could have been there with you to stop you from getting in your car to drive home that night. I never knew you had a problem, because if I did, I would have intervened. I would have stopped it and you would still be here. Man, I wish you were still here. I wish you were still here to see your little brother. He's a good kid Johnny. I see a lot of you in him. I see your don't take shit attitude in him. I see your kindness and sense of humor in him. Man, I wish you could be here so we could all hang out. One day, we all will, but hopefully it will be later than sooner, because I want to see your kid brother have a family. I'm doing my best to watch out for him man. I made that promise, and I'll continue to keep it to the best of my ability. I miss you brother, we all miss you. Love you buddy..


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